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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Mestrado em Genes in Behavior and Health (Pesquisa)
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Mestrado em Genes in Behavior and Health (Pesquisa)

Amsterdam, Holanda

2 Years


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Sep 2024

EUR 2.314 / per year **

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* estudantes não pertencentes à UE/EEE: 1 de abril | Estudantes UE/EEE: 1 de junho

** Estudantes da UE: 2.209 € por ano | estudantes de fora da UE: € 12.840 por ano


Nature and nurture: how do they interact and correlate? Is health and wellbeing in our genes or is the environment the most important source of differences between people? And can we use DNA to predict our health?

Both twin studies and molecular genetic studies have highlighted the influence of our genetic code on behavior and health. To adequately understand and influence behavior and health, we need to increase our knowledge of the way our genes play their part, by themselves and when interacting with our environment.

The interplay of genes and the environment

During the two-year Genes in Behaviour and Health Research Master’s program, you’ll delve into these questions in depth to understand the causes of individual differences in behavior and health and learn about the interplay of genes and environment.

Team of excellent researchers

You will be taught by an extraordinary group of top researchers.

What is the influence of genetic and environmental factors on mental illness and lifestyle? Why is quitting smoking so much easier for one person than for another?

How we develop, what we observe, what decisions we make: everything is behavior. That behavior is influenced by where and how we grow up and the predispositions passed on to us by our parents. The interplay between all these factors shapes who we are, what we do, and how we view the world. To what extent can these differences between people be attributed to genetic factors and/or environmental factors?

Be part of a new generation of talented researchers

The two-year Research Master’s program will equip you with the knowledge and understanding of the relevant research methods to design and carry out high-quality research within the field of behavior/molecular genetics and genetic epidemiology. In choosing this program, you’ll take the first steps to become part of a new generation of talented researchers capable of contributing to the rapid spread of omics, from curative medicine to wider applications in the behavioral and health sciences involving prevention and care.

Well-known Twin Register

Opting for the Research Master’s program brings you into an inspiring research environment. The Department of Biological Psychology is famous for its Netherlands Twin Register: a unique data repository containing genetic and environmental information for more than 50,000 twin families, who are followed longitudinally.

Small groups

You will be taught by expert staff members and researchers from other institutes worldwide who regularly visit to give lectures and workshops. Teaching takes place in small groups, providing ample opportunities for interaction with staff.

The Research Master programme includes two internships. The first internship takes place at the Department of Biological psychology at VU Amsterdam at the end of year one. A second, external internship, is done at the end of year two.



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